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| Tue Feb 21, 2017 | 4:45am EST Passengers walk through JFK checkpoint without being screened: NBC Eleven passengers walked through a security checkpoint without being screened before apparently boarding planes at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York on Monday, national media reported. The breaches occurred at about 6 a.m. local time at a checkpoint lane that was not fully staffed, NBC News reported. The passengers' carry-on bags were screened and cleared by a security team with sniffer dogs, Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) sources told the broadcaster. Three of the passengers set off metal detectors but were permitted to continue to their boarding gates without being body searched by staff, the broadcaster said. U.S. authorities beefed up security at airports in 2001 following the 9/11 attacks. A debate over whether it should be tightened further has been given impetus by a deadly shooting in January in a Florida airport baggage claim area, and attempts by President Donald Trump to clamp down on immigration from some Muslim-majority countries. The Port Authority said three passengers were screened after they got off their flight when it landed in California. It did not say if they were the people who had also set off the metal detectors, and gave no information about the identities or flight schedules of the other eight passengers.

File photo featured Jackson Forderer Coach Anthony White, right, talks to his team between the first and second period during a squirts hockey tournament at the All Seasons Arena. The Mankato Area Hockey Association saw increases in revenue from charitable gambling in 2016. Proposed legislation could provide tax relief to organizations like the hockey association. File photo MANKATO Charitable gambling organizations parlayed a big sales year in 2016 into more donations to community causes. But they feel they could help out even more if state taxes didn't claim so much of their gross receipts. In 2016, the nonprofits donated $62 million to charities, while paying $60.6 million in state taxes, according to the Minnesota Gambling Control Board's annual report. The organizations may be in luck. Legislation passing through tax committees at the Capitol in recent weeks calls for charitable donations to be exempt from the state gambling tax rate. Similar proposals havent gained much steam in past sessions, but theres renewed optimism this year might be different. Al Lund, executive director of the Allied Charities of Minnesota trade group representing 1,200 organizations statewide, said he feels theres growing recognition that the state tax is cutting into the nonprofits' abilities to donate in their communities. Our members are more and more getting to the tipping point, so more are realizing that they need to get involved, he said.

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Consider also that the total amount of money wagered on bingo across New York in 1980 was $223 million. In 2015, that sum had slipped to $31 million Charities unable to compete Competition from lottery games, like the omnipresent Quick Draw electronic games, is far and away the key reason for declining bingo and raffles of charitable groups. Casinos that dot the landscape across the state, particularly upstate, also havent helped. Charities in Western New York face competition from three Seneca Nation casinos, two racetrack-based casinos and gambling offerings in Ontario. Now add state rules that kept these charities operating games stuck in a kind of time warp with paper slots called bell jars and often retrieved by gamblers from a fancy or otherwise container. Volunteer Valerie Schmarje, right, sells Joanne Lorenz some pull tabs at Fourteen Holy Helpers in West Seneca on Feb. 16. (Robert Kirkham/Buffalo News) Charities say they cant go up against a casino and its array of slots, table games, entertainment, alcohol and food. Ive been in local casinos and seen some of our players there, said Paul Podsiadlo, one of the volunteer chairmen who runs the weekly bingo nights held for more than 40 years at Fourteen Holy Helpers church in West Seneca.

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