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He then moved to investment bank Rothschild & Cie in 2008 and made a small fortune brokering a $10 billion deal between Nestle and Pfizer before joining Hollande's presidential staff and becoming economy minister in 2014. Macron quit in November to focus on his "En Marche!", or "Onwards!", political movement which he established in April. Written off as a presidential hopeful then, Macron has become France's most popular politician in just a few months, his image a regular feature of Paris boulevard newsstands. Macron's popularity is an achievement in a country where many hold a disdain for the world of high finance and much of his broad popularity is down to his attempts to bridge the Left-Right divide that dominates French politics. He made a name for himself criticizing sacred cows of the French "social model" such as the 35-hour working week, iron-clad job protection and civil servants' jobs for life. But in a country where many often end up voting for the candidate they dislike least, part of Macron's appeal can also be put down to a deep yearning for a fresh face. He stands out in a race dominated by figures who have been sparring with each other for decades. He is a generation apart from 62-year-old former prime minister Fillon and 10 years younger than Marine Le Pen. Many Socialist and conservative grandees have long dismissed the Macron phenomenon, deriding him as a shooting star destined to crash and burn in the run-up to the two-stage election. But with less than 100 days to the election there is no sign yet the media frenzy around him is starting to subside.

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COMPETITION: Win Swans shirt signed by Tom Carroll . . the best footage of our fans at St Mary's 4 hours 40 mins ago . . . snap up your ticket for our EFL Cup tie 7 hours 53 mins ago . . . after record signing makes Swans debut 10 hours ago . .

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